Luisa Zissman Reveals She Found First-Time Motherhood 'Awful' And Called Her Daughter A 'Slug'

Luisa Zissman Reveals She Found First-Time Motherhood ‘Awful’ And Called Her Daughter A ‘Slug’ | HuffPost UK

Luisa Zissman has revealed she struggled with motherhood the first time around, admitting that she called her first daughter a “slug”.

The 30-year-old mum, who announced she was expecting her third child in June 2017, was on ‘Loose Women’ discussing how she hates being pregnant.

“I called her a slug,” she said on the ITV show on Thursday 10 August, speaking about her daughter Dixie, now six.

“My mum thought I was horrible but I was like: ‘She is like a slug, she doesn’t do anything she just lays there.’” 


Zissman said: “I was 23 and I thought I’m going to have a baby and put her in pink outfits and then the baby was there and I was like, this is the most awful, depressing, horrendous experience.”

The mum-of-three also discussed her thoughts on pregnancy, after telling fans in July 2017 that she “hates growing babies”. 

“You first think its wonderful, you can eat everything, but I was like: ‘Damn it I’m four stone heavier now’ and it’s suddenly not so much fun,” she said on the show.

“I would get really bad migraines. It’s life-limiting and miserable.”

But she enjoys giving birth, adding: “When I had Dixie, I was asleep in the pool of water, it was just wonderful as she was coming out, it was a euphoric I was on a high, it makes me go all mushy.”  

In July 2017, Zissman wrote on Instagram: “Feeling sick in bed. Hate growing babies literally don’t enjoy anything about pregnancy.

“It goes on forever too, I mean feels like I’ve got ages. Shouldn’t moan I know but it’s no fun, thank God I adore giving birth.”

‘Loose Women’ is on ITV on weekdays from 12.30pm.

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