'Love Island': Female Firefighters On Why The Show May Be Stopping More Women Entering The Service

ITV 2 programme ‘Love Island’ has been accused of peddling “offensive cliches” by the London Fire Brigade, after televising a game that showed male contestants stripping to their underwear to save the women from danger. 

Commissioner Dany Cotton, the first woman to hold the LFB’s highest-ranking position, said this narrative suggests all firefighters are “muscle-bound” men and may be stopping women from joining the service. 

“No wonder so many young women are put off by that,” she added.

Cotton criticised the episode, which was broadcast five weeks ago, for “rolling out every offensive cliche possible with their so-called ‘fireman challenge’” and said it just reinforced the “misconception” that firefighters are only men. ITV said they are not commenting on the claims.

Cotton argued that putting an end to…

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