Looks We Love: The Wide Headband

We Love…

Kendall Jenner’s wide headband paired with a flicked out retro bob as seen when appearing on ‘The Ellen Show’. 

Why It Works:

The headband discreetly pushes back Jenner’s hair to show off her features and she has paired the hairstyle with a popping statement lip. This is a simple look to achieve and is very versatile. Depending on your face shape or preference, you can either shift your hair in a middle or side parting, or even bring your bangs tousled to the front. You can also push the headband back over or under your ears.

Also Spotted On:

This 90s look seems to be timeless and frequently makes an appearance in pop culture. Whether it’s a nostalgic Clueless photograph on social media or a Yeezy accessory. 

The velvet version of the wide headband has recently been spotted on singer Pixie Lott, whereas Kim Kardashian has made a headband appearance in a very distinct contoured way. 

Follow Their Lead:

Currently on the high street, tropical headbands are here for the upcoming summer months. Zara has a selection of headbands in a range of colours and prints starting from £7.99.

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