London Tube Worker Praised For Helping Pregnant Women Find Seats On The Tube

The Facebook post continued: “Commuting is hard enough, but when coupled with pregnancy it can be enough to drive some of us over the edge.

“Pregnant women get hot, dizzy, sick, tired, swollen, in pain and have a greater sense of personal space. The hustle and bustle of the Tube isn’t always a great thing! Pip takes the time to make things better for us.

“Pip, if you’re reading this, we salute you. Thank you for making our lives easier. Thank you for your care and attention. Thank you for making a difference.”

The mums behind the Facebook group aren’t the only women who have experienced Pip’s gestures on the underground.

“This guy is a legend,” someone commented on the post.

“He brightens up my morning every day. Always see him helping people and hear him cracking…

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