Locisne Baby Soft BathTub Children Inflatable Anti-slippery Swimming Pool Foldable Travel Air Shower Basin Seat Baths Big Size(For 0-3 Years) + air pump

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Material: BPA Free PVC
Out Size: 96*60*30cm/37″*23″*11.7″,
Inner size:78*45*28cm/30.7″*17″*11″
Weight: 1.1KG

1. Please not pour boiled water into the bathtub directly. Pour cold water first, then pour hot water until water temperature is suitable for a bath.
2. Please be sure that the ground is smooth without sharp objects before inflating.
3. If it is the first time you use it, please not inflate too much air into the bathtub. And wait the product adapt the inflated environment about 2 hours, then you could use it. This step could longer the lifetime of product. Later, you could inflate more air if needed and could use it directly, no need to wait. Generally, filling air regularly every 3 to 5 days.
4. Use the soft cloth with suds or neutral detergent to clean. Chemical detergent may damage the product.
5. Not to use hair dryer to dry this product. Just hang dry this product.

How to use
1.Take out the bathtub from package. Spread it on the ground. Do not ripping due to its vacuum contraction state.
2.Open the gas valves on bottom and inflate about half air. Then inflate air for the 3 section separately from bottom to top. Plug valve cover tightly.
3.Open valve and insert pipe, then bleeding air.

Notice for swimming pool using.
Most newborn baby will be happy when swimming or staying into the water. Swimming will help baby body stronger.
Number of swimming times should depends on season. About 10-20 minutes each time after meal. Please wear a head ring for your baby before starting swimming. Parents should be under guidance or training by doctors and be professional to look after baby.

Packing list:
1 * bathtub,1 * inflation pumpMade from BPA free European standard PVC materials, soft and smooth to protect your baby’s skin. Out Size: 96*60*30cm/37″*23″*11.7″, inner size:78*45*28cm/30.7″*17″*11″ – fits 0-3 years old kids.
Slip resistant design for bottom of inside and outside. With an inflatable raised section to support the baby around the legs, suitable for girls and boys. 45 degree backrest design,can support the back of baby better. Inflatable section be separate. You could adjust the bathtub angle of head side through inflating more or less air into the separated section on bottom of backrest.
Practical, durable, easy to use and clean. Big size drain plug in the bottom for water release. A storage pouch on side, you could put bath appliance like baby shampoo and shower gel into it. Plastic rope attached to the base for easy drying and storing.
Packed in gift box with a free inflation pump. It will be a great gift for your baby or for your friends and families. Foldable bathtub to save space, easy to storage and carry. Ideal for home use, travelling.
100% brand new with good quality from Locisne Store. Please check the description below to find more using notice.

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