Living With Tourettes Syndrome

Last year I spent a lovely couple of weeks in France with friends. Thankfully friends who understand that I shout at them and their children. My current shout-ism is “c**k”, which we’ve managed to pretend is “cake”, “cot” and “cod” amongst many others. I was also rated out of ten for clarity, volume, projection and pronunciation. I scored a few nines but missed out on a ten sadly. It was bit like the Tourettes Olympics!

I also had many falls on holiday so a few more scrapes to add to my collection. Charlie was very disappointed not to see me “turn to jelly” as he was really looking forward to it all holiday. I told him I would try and film it when we got home and send it to him. Most of the other kids saw them I think but didn’t seem too bothered. As Gill put it I look like “a washing line folding down like a concertina”

I slept a lot so that meant missing out on a few trips out. I had a couple of days at friends’ houses, which was really nice and I didn’t have to worry what I was shouting. The kids did plenty of fun activities while I rested and we had nice days round the pool when I was up to it. I was able to have a glass of wine some evenings so that was all good! I’ve missed having a drink.

One of the perks to being a wheelchair (I haven’t found many) is that you get to skip queues in airports. They literally whizz you right through. I was just worried I was going to swear at them or shout “bomb” so the quicker the better! It takes me days to recover from travelling so lots more sleeping today.

It was all worth it because we had a brilliant holiday. Lots of laughs and I think I provided much entertainment for everyone! I’ll leave you with this highlight for me…

At the table in the restaurant. Waiter comes over to take our order. Me with a weird look on my face.
Gill: Are you ok?
Me: Yeah just trying not to let a c**k out
*We all crack up laughing*

You have to laugh through these difficult times.

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