Lily Bear Silicone Baby Teething & Breastfeeding Pendant Necklace/Jewellery for Mum (White)

Babies love to grab things and chew on them, especially when they are teething.

Lily Bear teething jewellery is designed to be stylish for mum to wear but most of all safe for baby to grab, pull, chew, bite and play with.


Totally safe and non-toxic.

Has a SAFETY CLASP that is incorporated into the silk thread to avoid any entanglement/pulling risks.

Heat proof to 200C

Can easily be STERILIZED.

All jewellery conforms to EU safety standards

Six great colours that are on trend.

100% Food Grade Silicone Non Toxic
Completely safe for baby
Safety Clasp opens if pulled or tangled
Soft and chewy for baby
Eases teething pain and looks stylish for mum

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