Life as a mom: what moms say is not what kids hear

Young Parents

Life as a parent as never dull, that’s for sure. The things that make you want to tear your hair out later seem like the funniest moments ever. Here are some common Mummy instructions, which the kids never seem to get right. Google Translate, do you have a Mummy mode?

Mum says: Shh… Mummy’s sleeping.
Kids hear: This is the best time to make as much noise as possible.

Mum says: Let’s go, we’re late!
Kids hear: Slow motion time!

Mum says: Yes!
Kids hear: No!

Mum says: No!
Kids hear: Yes!

Mum says: Dinner is ready.
Kids hear: Dinner will be served when you finish watching all 15 episodes of your favourite Youtube channel.

Mum says: Put your toys back into the box.
Kids hear: No, really, just leave it on the floor!

Mum says: No, don’t…

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