LeapFrog 600703 Scoop & Learn Pretend Toddler Toy for Role Play Food and Magic Ice Cream Scooper Scoop/Learn Cart Set, Various

It’s ice cream time all the time with this fun LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart. Little ones can use the magic scoop to pick up different flavours of ice cream and place it into the cones. They can even add whipped cream on top! This interactive play set comes with six hungry characters – insert the activity cards into the slot to take their orders and to develop your counting, matching and stacking skills. When the order is ready, press the bell and ring it through the till. A brilliant gift for children aged two and over. Includes 20 playing pieces and 3 x AA batteries.MY FIRST ICE CREAM PLAY SET! Meet your local ice cream cart ready to deliver yummy treats and preschool skills – watch your kids scoop and laugh while they learn about colours, numbers, memory and matching!
ENCOURAGE IMAGINATIVE PLAY & CREATIVITY: This ice cream trolley is ideal for children to get started with role play and let their creativity go wild – can be played independently or with family and friends
EDUCATIONAL TOY: Meet a cast of six hungry characters that will give directions to encourage discovery of colours, counting, flavours and numbers, as well as 2 games to enhance creativity and stacking skills
20 PIECES INCLUDED: An ice cream scooper, 18 “flavoured” ice cream scoops, 3 different toppings, and 6 hungry character activity cards are included to provide hours of open-ended play!
IDEAL GIFT FOR TODDLERS AND PRE SCHOOL CHILDREN: This boys & girls ice cream toy is an ideal gift for Christmas and children’s birthday as it helps develop skills that are valuable once kids start school

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