Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Care Cream HPA-Certified 10 ml

Lansinoh Cream is a lanolin based cream (HPA lanolin) to be applied to sensitive nipples to protect them during breastfeeding.After opening, use within: 12 months
You can also use this cream on the lips, babies’ buttocks, face and all dry areas of the body.
10 ml tube
Box contents: 1 tube
An effective and indispensable product for protecting your nipples
HPA 100 % hypoallergenic lanolin: contains no chemical products or preservatives
The purest lanolin in the world
No need to wipe off the cream before breastfeeding
Helps to soothe and protect damaged or painful nipples
Odourless and tasteless, so easy for the baby to adapt to
Apply this cream after each breastfeeding session, or more often if necessary. Apply a pea-sized portion.

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