Labour Suspends Watford Parliamentary Selection Race After Claims Of Postal Vote 'Irregularities'

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

A Labour selection battle for a key Parliamentary marginal has been suspended amid claims that postal balloting rules were broken.

The controversial race to be the party’s candidate in Watford was due to be decided on Thursday but took a fresh twist when local officials decided to re-run part of the vote.

In an email seen by HuffPost UK, Labour’s Regional Director for East England has informed the local party that “a number of procedural errors did occur such that cannot be ignored”.

One source said that 88 emergency postal ballots were applied for, a large number for in a party of 800 members and where just 37 normal postal votes had been requested.

Unite the union formally complained that blank postal vote application forms were being handed out with a required signature and that votes were not kept in a secure location, both of which would be a contravention of party rules.

But local moderates declared that the decision to postpone…

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