Kiss92 FM DJ Maddy Barber: It is a daily battle for my daughter and husband to eat healthy

Kiss92FM DJ and mummy Maddy Barber shares her family love for food, as well as the ongoing battle to get her youngest daughter and husband to eat healthy. 

Do you cook for your family?
I am good at the Western stuff, such as roast beef and roast pork with crackling. 

I am married to an Englishman. Not just any Englishman but a northern one. So you’re talking a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so I am always forced to cook meat.

My family loves the roast pork with crackling. I think it is perfect, and that I have to say.

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Is anyone in your family a fussy eater?
My elder daughter, Elizabeth, loves food. She is a proper foodie and appreciates food. 

Alicia (her younger daughter, pictured above) is the fussy eater, just like her dad, so it is more of a nightmare to cook for them. I am trying to get them to eat healthy because they love meat a lot.

I tried to make them eat quinoa, and they complained like crazy. Then I tried to do kale salad, and they complained again. So it is a daily battle to eat healthy.

Do you think it is difficult for children to appreciate local food these days?
Barber: No, I don’t think so. For my children, they do prefer it to everything else. Like for Alicia, she loves beef hor fun and fishball noodles, so I can say that they are more used to it.

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A version of this article first appeared in The New Paper.

(Photo: The New Paper)

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