Kind Stranger Raises Thousands For Boy Who Only Saw 'Upside Down' To Have Life-Changing Operation

A stranger raised thousands of pounds for a young boy to have a life-saving operation and see the world the “right way round”.

Julie Jones, 35, read about 12-year-old Mahendra Ahirwar from India online, finding out he was only able to see the world upside down due to a rare condition. 

As a mum herself, Jones said she “couldn’t forget” his story and decided to do something about it. 

She raised £12,000 on a crowdfunding page to pay for an operation to strengthen Ahirwar’s neck. 

Ahirwar’s story was told on Channel 5’s ‘The Boy Who Sees Upside Down’ on Thursday 19 May.

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Ahirwar has ‘congenital myopathy’, a condition where his neck muscles were too weak to hold up his head.

“While everyone was looking to help, no one was actually doing anything,” Jones said…

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