Keith Vaz Facing Loss Of Labour NEC Seat As Momentum Urges More Voting Power For Minority Ethnic Members

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Labour MP Keith Vaz is in danger of losing his seat on the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) under new reforms aimed at giving black, Asian and minority ethnic members more voting rights.

Grassroots group Momentum has tabled plans to radically update the way the NEC’s BAME representative is chosen, with a one-member, one-vote election replacing the current “tokenistic” system where a small party group decides the post.

The Momentum proposal has been submitted to Jeremy Corbyn’s wide-ranging democracy review, the first consultation phase for which ends on Friday.

In a separate move, it has also tabled plans for reform of the party’s youth section, vowing to end the treatment of under-27s as “mere doorstep fodder” and give them more of a say over policy.

Vaz has held his post on the ruling NEC since 2007, but many activists feel that the veteran MP…

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