Katie Price Criticises Baby Fashion Trend For Newborns Wearing 'High Heeled' Shoes

Katie Price has voiced her opinions about a trend for “high heeled” shoes for baby girls, and she’s not happy about it. 

The mum-of-five posted a photo on Instagram of a baby wearing soft shoes that look like high heels. 

“Got shown these… really!” she wrote. “I’ve never seen anything so vile to put on your baby.

“No offence to people wanting to start a business but this is too far in my opinion.”

Price was greeted with support for her criticism of the shoes, with fans agreeing they are “inappropriate” for babies.

“Oh my God why would you do that to your gorgeous baby,” one person wrote. “It’s like wanting your baby to grow up to quick.”

Another commented: “This just looks ridiculous, poor baby.”

Price did not share the name of the company that made the shoes, however American…

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