Katie McGlynn Suffers What Might Be Strictly's Most Camp Injury Ever

Strictly Come Dancing newbie Katie McGlynn has confirmed she’s doing alright after sustaining a “minimal” injury in a glitterball-related incident.

Earlier this week, Katie was filming a video for the show’s social media channels when she suffered what may be the most camp injury in Strictly’s 17-year history.

While recording a sequence alongside one of the show’s staple mirrorballs, the former Coronation Street star kicked the prop – apparently thinking it was a plastic replica rather than the real thing – only to end up cutting her foot open.

Katie’s rep told the Mail Online: “During filming promotional content for Strictly, Katie accidentally sustained a small cut to her foot as a result of kicking a prop.

“The injury is minimal, doesn’t require any further attention and she is completely fine.”

A BBC spokesperson also told The Sun that Katie was “absolutely fine” after on-hand medics “applied a plaster” to the “minor cut”.

Katie is one of 15 celebrities taking part in the forthcoming series of Strictly, saying when she was first announced for the line-up: “I’m really not a dancer, but I’m so excited to learn a new skill on this crazy journey and cannot wait to slip into some sequins along the way.

“Although I do get to have so much fun as an actress, a lot of my roles have involved quite serious and challenging storylines, so I’m fully ready to let my hair down and do something different, even if it is completely outside of my comfort zone.

“I can’t promise that I’ll be the best, but I’m going to give it 110% on the dance floor! As long as I don’t fall over I’ll be happy.”

Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Katie posing with her National Television Award in 2020

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