Kamillosan Ointment 100 gr Ointment by Kamillosan

This Kamillosan Ointment Oily Cream Extract of Chamomile is 100gr – 3.38 oz Cream-based chamomile extract. For treatment following a local corticosteroid therapy of inflammatory skin diseases, such as: contact dermatitis, eczema contacts, eczema vulgar, eczema in children, atopic dermatitis. Because it is very well tolerated, Kamillosan cream is recommended for use with infants and young children. To regenerate, moisturize, soothe dry and irritated skin. It is absorbed immediately. It is suitable for protection from nappy rash. Thanks to its unique composition based on diversity Manzana, the fatty cream Kamillosan: It creates a hydrophobic film on the diaper area protect from bodily secretions, and pathogenic microorganisms friction. Soothes the delicate baby from pain, erythema and itching due to the anti-inflammatory action. Ingredients Manzana extract with soothing and anti-irritant properties. Glycerin with moisturizing properties to maintain the balance of the skin barrier. Paraffin wax prevents water loss from the skin.Kamillosan Ointment 20g Ointment by Kamillosan
20g Ointment

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