Juggling: Musician, Mum And Me

Working as a musician with a little one and juggling life…

I am always asked in press interviews, “How do you juggle life with a little one and being a touring artist?” If I’m being truly honest, the simple answer is ‘I just do it’ (a motto that I hold close!) However, after my 10th (or 16th?) time of being asked this question, I actually paused to think… logic kicked in and my heart started to beat a little faster. I am a Musician, a Wife, a Mum an artist, writer, presenter, racing driver, educator, daughter, sister and friend. Pausing to think of these titles that make up Yolanda Brown gave me a strange feeling… was it stress, anxiety? How do I do it? Am I ok doing it?

When studying for my degree and going through all the identity confusion that brings, I used to doodle. Not the usual, “I love…” but I used to write (over and over again) who I am. A daughter, a PhD student, a saxophonist, a sister, a friend, etc. Though these roles feel a lot clearer now than when I was a student, it seems that the act of juggling these titles is still the same. Making sure that they all get the right attention and balance with each other… it all seemed to go hand in hand. It’s the work / life balance after all. However, adding the ‘Mum’ title was bound to make the scales heave a little!

Photo by Nick Redman

Reeds, F sharps and sound checks are my usual vocabulary as an artist, I was about to swap them with Ultrasounds, Contractions and Bugaboos as a first time mother… It was all exciting, strangely no fear! Just excitement.

I needed to prepare for my biggest gig yet, a headline concert that will last a life time, except the star would not be me, it would be this amazing child that was about to bring so much joy.

Time to get things in order, I needed to make sure I was fit and healthy and well researched for this important cargo I was carrying; pregnancy yoga – check, aqua-aerobics – check, baby apps – downloaded, breast pumps – check, and the list goes on.

Next step, as an independent artist with no major…

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