Journalist Referred To A&E Over Suicidal Thoughts Left With Nothing But A Print-Out

A woman who went to A&E when she was feeling suicidal has hit out at the London hospital after she was sent home with just an advice slip asking: “Are you feeling the strain?”

Emily Reynolds, 26, said she was given the sheet of paper after seeing six health professionals at A&EThe print-out, seen by HuffPost UK, recommends a free workshop program to learn “relaxation techniques”, as well as the phone number for a mental health crisis service. 

But Reynolds, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years ago, claims she had already called the helpline earlier that day, and told them she felt suicidal and unable to cope.

Counsellors on the helpline advised her to go to A&E, where she claims she was seen by a doctor, nurse, psychiatric nurse and liaison team consisting of a mental health nurse and a trainee.

“After that assessment, they decided I wasn’t a high enough risk to be taken as an inpatient so I was immediately discharged from A&E,” she told HuffPost UK. 

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