John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017: Moz The Monster Takes Centre Stage In #UnderTheBed Advertising Campaign

John Lewis have revealed their 2017 Christmas advert, which sees the lovable giant Moz the Monster take centre stage.

The clip will receive its first airing on Channel 4 tonight (Friday 10 November) at 9pm, with a simulcast taking place on all of Sky’s own channels.

John Lewis
Joe meets an unexpected pal under his bed 

This year’s advert tells the story of a boy named Joe, who is kept awake by an imaginary, 7ft monster who lives under his bed.

The pair form an unlikely bond, but staying awake all night leaves the youngster super sleepy all day, so he’s given a night light for Christmas, to help him get some peace and quiet.

However, this means – and this is where it will pull at your heartstrings – that Moz is gone from his life.

There is a welcome twist though, as Joe realises…

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