Japanese diapers panties MOONY PBL Girl (12-17kg.)// Японские подгузники MOONY PBL Girl (12-17kg.)

Excellent Japanese diapers – panties Moony PBL Girl for girls weighting from 12 up to 17 kg. The diaper panties look like regular children underwear. They are extremely easy to put on and take off, which is very important for babies who can sit, crawl, stand and walk around. The inner diaper layer is made from soft net containing pure cotton that protects the sensitive baby skin. It contains not-causing allergy components that do not irritate skin. The panties keep the skin breathing and have a filling indicator, making them really easy to use. With diaper panties Moony PB Girl your daughter will be comfortable and healthy. The Japanese diaper panties Moony PB Girl carry away a lot of trouble for baby’s moms and dads, so that parents can concentrate on other important things. Японские подгузники – трусики Moony PBL Girl (12-17 кг)Super elastic point-gathers around the baby’s legs easily stretch following any motion, providing the child with an absolute freedom of movement.
Wetness indicator on all sizes – The double lines will change to blue from yellow once the nappy get wet.
Moony nappy`s inner lining is made silky soft, the nappies are suitable for babies with very sensitive skin.
Outer sheet is very soft, this feature provide all Moony nappies a superior flexibility which could fit baby’s different shapes more easily.
Specially designed microporous material and evaporation cells of the Moony nappy’s surface ensure that no liquid is left on the baby’s skin.

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