Japanese diapers – nappies Moony M (6-11 kg.)// Японские подгузники Moony M (6-11 kg.)

Japanese diapers Moony M – (6-11 kg) . Японские подгузники Moony M – (6-11 кг) . Japanese diapers Moony M are designed for a baby weighting from 6 to 11 kg, who knows how to turn and sit. The inner side of the diaper is made from the soft net containing high-quality natural cotton that protects the sensitive skin of the baby. The inner side of the diaper absorbs the liquid quickly into the gel, keeping it inside and the baby skin is dry and clean. The diapers have safe and comfortable reusable Velcro made from soft material that won’t irritate the skin. The surface is breathing; there is a filling indicator, which makes the diapers extremely easy to use. Opting for functional and highly quality diapers Moony M, you will provide maximum care for your baby.All Moony nappies have a 3-D processed wavy inner lining, so they have a superb level of breathability and can give out heat from baby’s urine very quickly
Wetness indicator on all sizes – The double lines will change to blue from yellow once the nappy get wet
Moony nappy`s inner lining is made silky soft, the nappies are suitable for babies with very sensitive skin
Outer sheet is very soft, this feature provide all Moony nappies a superior flexibility which could fit baby’s different shapes more easily
Super Thin Design

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