Japanese Diapers Nappies GOO.N Size L (9-14 kg) 54 Nappies // Premium Quality Nappies Made in Japan

You baby grows becoming more and more active, which means it is time to change priorities for the diaper design. The diaper design is constantly improving, new materials and shapes are implemented so that the diapers become more and more comfortable and dry for your baby. The diapers Goo.N L are designed for a baby weighting from 9 up to 14 kg, who can turn, crawl and sit. Baby weight: 9 – 14 kg Package type: 54 items. Manufacturer: Daio Paper Corporation, Japan. Japanese diapers nappies – Goo.n L (9-14 kg) // Японские подгузники Goo.n L (9-14 kg) GOONExcellent Japanese Quality
Soft & Gentle Feeling like Mom’s touch
Ultra Soft for baby’s sensitive skin
Airy and Comfy inner surface with Vitamin E compound

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