Jamie Oliver Urges Theresa May To Implement Comprehensive Anti-Obesity Strategy

Jamie Oliver has urged Theresa May not to water down a planned anti-obesity strategy for children, declaring he will “do anything” to help.

As part of his guest editorship of The Huffington Post UK, the TV chef pleaded with the new Prime Minister to act swiftly and warned that the issue would be a key test of her pledge for real change in the UK.

Oliver said May could save the country billions in NHS costs and improve the nation’s health and productivity if she tackled the obesity crisis, by keeping the sugar tax and implementing other measures.

And in a personal video appeal [watch it in full below], he said that he understood she was a fan of his cookbooks and hoped she would listen to his plea to act.

“So, God bless. Theresa come on, we need you, please.  I know…

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