It's Not Your Job To Comment On My Post-Baby Body

“You’ve got a great post-baby body” is something I hear quite often. Even saying it, that whole sentence, the acknowledgement that it’s actually said – believed in, bought into, vocally endorsed – makes me cringe. Admitting that a) it’s something people say to me, and b) it bothers me, feels ridiculous, ungrateful, narcissistic even. Because we’re told that the post-baby body and commentary thereupon is of paramount importance in a woman’s life.

Even without the employment of the horrid phrase (fuuuuuuck), the procedure is consistently thus – you get a look up and down and then out spills some variation of…*for someone with children, you look alright, better than expected, you’ve fared well, you’re really admirable, I admire you, I wish I had your body, you must work hard to…

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