Is Your Child Unhappy With Their Exam Successes?

For many families across the UK, the dust is beginning to settle. This week sees the end of the exam season where many young people have been receiving their results for University Finals, A2/AS levels and most recently, GCSEs.

I have heard of so many instances where these students have been left feeling disappointed with their results. What saddens me is that the majority of these grades are not only passes – but good passes!

For example, some pupils are not reaching their university of choice – despite having ( in my opinion ) great grades. Others are upset that the ideal number of A grades were not achieved. So, even though the results are reflecting all the hard work that has been put in over the months and sometimes years and the huge achievements achieved, still, for one reason or another many of these students are not happy.

How come this is happening ?

These students have achieved so much, yet they are left feeling deflated and in many cases labelling themselves ‘failures’. This is a problem.

Are students nowadays setting the bar too high for themselves ?
Are we as parents and educators allowing this to happen ?

Granted, if the student didn’t work hard enough – then that’s a lesson to be learned for another time. But, when the study hours are made and (because, let’s face it grades are now no longer enough) they have participated in team sports and societies and group activities – then surely this negativity should be discouraged.

Young people today are labelling their successes as failures.

If we continue to permit this train of thought – that successes are in fact being regarded as “failures” – surely we will be creating a new generation of unfulfilled young people with unrealistic expectations of themselves.

Please don’t think that I believe for one minute that healthy competition should not be encouraged. I remember my disbelief at my kids at primary school sports days, where all participants received medals – so that those who came last did not have their feelings hurt. Winners should be…

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