Irn Bru Devotees In Crisis Ahead Of 50% Less Sugar Recipe Change

Fans of Scotland’s national soft drink Irn Bru are in crisis ahead of a reduced sugar recipe change.

The vibrant orange-coloured drink will be produced with 50% less of its regular sugar content from later this month.

Devotees have claimed they are stockpiling the drink in its current form ahead of the change and one has begun a petition urging the manufacturer to continue selling the full sugar mixture as well as the reduced one. 


Ryan Allen, who started a Hands Off Our Irn Bru campaign, said: “It is a national treasure in Scotland and really is part of our culture with its unique taste, branding and marketing.

“It’s also well known to alleviate the effects of a hangover and is many a persons’ craving, saviour or go-to drink after a night on the tiles.

“Don’t do it Barr – please have a rethink…

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