Investigations Into Stillbirths And Neonatal Deaths Are 'Inadequate', New Report Suggests

More than half of investigations into stillbirths and neonatal deaths following full-term labour are insufficient, according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).

Out of 204 investigations, 56% of reviews were deemed “inadequate”, a new report has shown. 

Hospitals are therefore not learning from potentially avoidable deaths or serious injuries sustained by babies during labour.

The report is the first in a series from data collected as part of RCOG’s Each Baby Counts initiative, which aims to halve the number of incidents of stillbirth, neonatal death and severe brain injury during full-term labour by 2020.

“It is clear that we need more robust and comprehensive reviews, which are led by multidisciplinary teams and include parental and external…

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