In Praise Of 'Good Enough' New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions generally fall into two categories. In one group, you have your big, lofty pledges: mastering a language, doubling your income (in this economy?), completing some impressive physical feat like a marathon or triathlon.

Then there are the little, lazy ones: This year, I pledge to floss daily so I don’t get chastised for the millionth time at my next dental cleaning. Or: In the new year, I’ll drink plenty of water so I’m no longer a dehydrated husk of person.

In 2022, let’s all resolve to make our resolutions shamelessly easy.

Highly ambitious resolution-makers might scoff at such humble year-end goals, but given the general exhaustion we’re all feeling as we wrap up year two of the Covid-19 pandemic, humble goals will do just fine.

“If ever there is a year to focus on less being more, this might be the one,” she told HuffPost. “In uncertain times, anything that we can do to create more ease and room for joyful possibility, the better, even if this means setting very basic, tiny goals. One baby step forward is still progress.”

Plus, after the one-two punch of 2020 and 2021, putting any grand expectations on 2022 feels like you’re just asking to be let down. Low-effort is the way to go.

As the writer Sarah Lazarus joked on Twitter: “no new years resolutions. it is the circumstances turn to improve.”

If you do decide to make a resolution, experts say to keep it attainable and precise so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

“Going on a 20-minute walk a day could lead to increased mood and improved physical fitness,” said Oludara Adeeyo, an associate clinical social worker and the author of “Self-Care for Black Women.”

On the other hand, “if your goal is too big and broad, like ‘exercise more,’ you can lose focus and become so overwhelmed that you never make moves…

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