If You're Looking at Chrissy Teigen's Boobs in This Photo, You're Completely Missing the Point

Chrissy Teigen went through years of fertility struggles to conceive her first child.

She broke down in tears speaking to Tyra Banks in September 2015, admitting she would have had kids six years ago if she was able to.

One month later, Teigen excitedly announced she was pregnant with her first child after going through IVF.

This week, she beamed with pride announcing the birth of her daughter, Luna and now she’s shared the first photo of her newborn baby.

But instead of being happy for her, congratulating her and sending their well-wishes, some people have decided to comment on the first photo she’s shared of herself and her daughter as being “self promotion”.

Basically all people can talk about is her boobs.

In some now-deleted comments…

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