I Met My Birth Partner On Instagram

When I gave birth to my son in 2014, I couldn’t imagine anyone but Greg being there. I didn’t want family or friends there whilst I was giving birth, just my partner. Turns out, I didn’t really need him there either and I ignored him the whole time and went into the ‘birth zone’. Now, I am pregnant with my second, and likely to be my last, I know exactly what I want. First time round you have no clue with what is about to happen and most of your information comes from watching nine months of One Born Every Minute. My birth was certainly not like the movies either, and resulted me staying in the hospital for seven days. So, this time round I had a plan.

Greg, unlike most men, prefers to be down the end where the action is, so it can get lonely at the top. I felt I needed some support, mainly emotionally, this time round so I decided on having a second person with me. I know some may say it is a very personal time for a couple, as they are welcoming their child into the world, but I needed another female. The solidarity, the unity and basically the kickass power another strong female brings – that’s what I needed. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more confused I was about picking who would get this amazing job of watching me push a human out? I mean really who could refuse?!

I am very lucky and surrounded by some amazing ladies. My Nan for one brought me up and is a force in her own right. One of the besties, is going to be on honey moon and is also scared of blood so she got a free pass. I also have a group of girls who I have been friends with since school who are some of the strongest, kindest and most brilliant people I know. Then there were my mum friends who had done it before, knew what was going to happen, perhaps the experience would help? I was confused. I was also slightly worried about asking one of them to be my birth partner in case they turned around and went, ‘Oh hell no, I don’t want to see that’. I mean who does?! I was undecided, maybe it should just be me and Greg?

Having the…

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