I Get Horrendous Period Pain – And These Products Actually Help

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Anyone who gets extreme period pain will know that it can be absolutely debilitating. It’s not just the mind-numbing cramps, it’s the aching legs, sore back, and bloating (among a myriad of symptoms) that disrupt your daily life.

According to a YouGov survey conducted for BBC Radio 5, up to 91% of women say that they have suffered from period pains at one point or another, with 57% saying their period pain has been so bad it’s impacted their ability to work, while one in five have had to take a short break to manage the pain and one in three have had to go home early or take a day off of work.

Period pain really is no joke. It can be all-consuming. I say this because I know. Every month without fail when my period arrives (and in the build-up to it), I am in pain. Sometimes the pain is so bad it makes me feel sick.

Other times, it’s left me dizzy to the point of passing out. For many women, like me, this is our monthly reality and it absolutely sucks.

And while the pain might be horrendous, there are products that can help you. These are the ones I’ve tried and tested and found to offer the best pain relief or comfort – and a few that have aided my general wellbeing on days when the pain has been at its absolute worst.

These game-changer period pain heat pads

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