I Found My Kidney Donor On Facebook

Eddie Beatrice
Eddie with his donor Kelly and her children.

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My story started one Friday with a straightforward shoulder surgery that nearly killed me. At first, the surgery seemed to have gone as planned and I returned home, but over the next few days, my pain worsened. By Monday night I was crumpled on the floor of my home, seizing, unable to move as bacteria cascaded through my bloodstream.

I spent a week in a medically induced coma. My blood pressure plummeted and my kidneys shut down. I was in septic shock. My children were called back from college and a priest came to my bedside. No one thought I was going to make it. And yet, slowly, I stabilised. I had lived – but I would face months of inpatient care and the knowledge that my kidneys had been irreparably damaged. Instead of going back to work, I would require dialysis, three days a week for four hours at a stretch. I spent most of that year in the dialysis center or at the hospital, enduring procedure after procedure. Then, when I finally gained enough strength that I could undergo another surgery, my doctors placed me on the national list for a kidney from a deceased donor.

But how long would I wait? My doctors…

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