How To Wear White Trousers Without Fearing Dirt

Sometimes I wake up and I want to wear the one thing that isn’t advisable in British weather: white trousers. 

‘Why?’ You may well ask. Maybe it’s a kamikaze the desire to wear something you know could go very, very wrong. 

White trousers can be difficult. You may look at them and automatically think about how quickly they could get dirty, but there is one simple factor that can make the look more wearable: the cut.

When wearing white trousers, going for a cropped style like these ASOS Curve high waisted jeans for £25 is recommended if you don’t want to have to add ‘sweeping’ as a skill on your LinkedIn profile. 

If you’re not a fan of the sharp end of the cropped look, small slits on the ankles or a raw hem like these & Other Stories pair for £59, to soften the effect.

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