How To Tell You Have Bedbugs (And How To Get Rid Of Them)

British homes are facing more bedbug infestations than usual thanks to the hotter summer temperatures, with cities proving to be popular hotspots for the insects.

David Cain, of Bed Bugs Limited pest control, told The Observer people must be “permanently on guard” and even advised people living in cities not to sit down on the buses (or, in London, the Underground) to avoid bringing the bugs into their homes.

The main ways bedbugs infiltrate a home is when a person returns from holiday, has purchased second-hand furniture that’s infested or the bedbugs have migrated from a neighbouring house, according to Natalie Bunday, technical officer for the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

She advises people who buy second-hand furniture like sofas, beds or chairs to look over them carefully before taking them home. “If a neighbour has a bad [bedbug] problem they can migrate,” she adds. So people in terraced houses, semi-detached properties and flats should be vigilant.

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