How To Practise Self-Care In 2018 For A Happier You

Traditional New Year’s resolutions can often focus on physical health and fitness, but January can also be a great time to reset and improve your mental health.

With that in mind, we asked four experts and influencers for their top self-care tips, designed to improve your overall wellbeing and boost happiness in the longterm.

The first rule of self-care? Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to incorporate all these tips into your life at once. Why not try one per week, or even one per month in 2018?

After all, the key to maintaining New Year’s resolutions is creating sustainable change through the smallest of baby steps. 

1. Start the day right. 

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Sleep is undeniably important for both physical and mental health, but Julie Montagu, author of ‘Recharge: A year of self-care to focus on you’, points out that setting an early alarm (and going to bed earlier) could have its benefits.

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