How to Make the Perfect Child's Bedroom – Listen to What They Want and Need

In common with other parents, I decorated and lovingly prepared my son’s bedroom before his arrival. However he didn’t arrive as a new born he arrived aged 3 and a half. H came into our lives and hearts a bewildered beautiful boy with flushed red cheeks.

We had been told what H liked- Noddy and Thomas the Tank Engine being Top of his Pops. Just prior to H’s arrival we shopped, decorated and fantasised about family life. In hindsight we had NO idea what we were doing, knew very little about children and were completely unprepared. However, we did have a stylish child’s bedroom and a playroom crammed with stuff. To our surprise H spent no time in his bedroom other than to sleep.

When H was 6 we moved to a house with a massive garden…

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