How To Get Your Children To Talk About Their Day

Your chatty children leave for school in the morning and seven hours later they’ve morphed into monosyllabic-grunt buckets muttering, “Dunno… Can’t remember… Fine… Pasta.”

And as mum-of-two Jane MacDonald rightly comments: “When you don’t know what they get up to, the temptation is to fill in the gaps with your own imagination – they hate school, someone’s being mean to them, they have no friends and on it goes.”

So with parents everywhere in mind, we reveal how to entice your children into sharing the good times – and bad.

Sam Edwards via Getty Images

DO give children time to unwind

Your child will be tired to an almost catatonic level at school pick-up time, particularly when they are young. It’s perfectly normal for children in reception and even in Year 1 to throw the…

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