How To Get The 'No-Makeup' Look On Dark Skin: Beauty Products To Try

The beauty industry has only recently begun to become more inclusive of women of colour. 

There’s still a disparity in the amount of products catering to those on the fairer end of the spectrum, while those of darker complexions still find themselves having to go to extreme lengths to find suitable makeup. 

This can be especially taxing when trying to achieve that ‘natural’ look – you know, the famed ‘no-makeup makeup’ look.

Well, some brands have finally started to do tinted moisturisers in darker hues – and the same applies to lip products. 

With that in mind, here’s our round-up of great products to achieve that effortless beauty look on darker skin.

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1. Base

Whether or not you want people to know your threw on some paint, primer is always a good idea on all skin tones..  

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