How Do You Explain to Your Children Their Father Has Died?

How do you tell your 10-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter that their father has died? Is there a specific way? How can you make it sound right or even believable?

It had happened suddenly. It was 15th July 2010 a warm summer’s evening. Normal things had happened that day, we had been to work, we ran an alternative health clinic together in London, I had collected the children from school, made dinner, children to bed, the usual routine.

It was around midnight Hratch was sitting, clutching his chest unable to breathe gasping for air. He topples, falling out of the chair his head hitting the floor with a thud. I was hysterically trying to perform CPR from directions given by the 999 operator, as my son stands helplessly frozen to the spot. Paramedics eventually arrived and took…

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