How Can You Get A 'Santa Is A Woman' Charity Box?

Fearne Cotton, Amanda Booth, Angela Scanlon and a whole host of mummy bloggers have been sharing ‘Santa is a Woman’ charity boxes on Instagram, but there seems to be one issue – how the hell do you get hold of one?

The boxes are designed to be filled with toiletries and sanitary products, then donated to women on low incomes. The idea is a collaboration between Peanut – the Tinder-style app connecting mums – and charity Baby2Baby, which provides kids aged 0-12 from disadvantaged backgrounds with essential items.

But scroll though the comments on Instagram, or log onto the Peanut app, and you’ll be met with dozens of comments from women wanting to send a box but struggling to get their hands on one. 

Peanut said they sent boxes to “women who are friends of the app” but don’t worry, if you’re not someone with a gazillion followers, you can still take part.

To participate, women are instructed to download Peanut and, when they match with the ‘Santa is a Woman’ card, share their address to the company who will send them a box to fill.

You’ll then need to send your filled box to the address provided.


HuffPost UK scrolled past dozens of mums on the app, and alas, we could not find female Santa. What’s more, Peanut will ask you if you’re a mum when you sign up, meaning if you’re not, your hopes of finding the card are dashed at the first hurdle.

Commenting on Fearne Cotton’s post, one Instagram user said: “This just seems unkind to those of us who have not had an easy journey into motherhood yet. I would have happily filled two boxes but as I’m not a mother I don’t count, which really makes me feel rubbish.” 

Peanut has been replying to disappointed app members on Instagram though, saying: “If you’re having trouble finding Santa in the app, send us an email to and we’ll be able to help.” 

There’s also some confusion around where the boxes will be donated to, as they’re being shared…

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