Homecraft Soft-Feel Shower Mat, 55.5 x 55.5 cm, Comfortable, Safety & Security, Helpful for Elderly or Children, White, Large, Square, Non-Slip Mat, Suction Cups, Mum, Dad, Kids, Disabled, Handicapped

Latex Free Shower Mat.

The Latex Free Shower Mat is non slip and has a soft cushioned feel, ensuring the shower mat delivers better comfort and improved safety for the user. Especially designed to deliver improved user comfort, the Latex Free Shower Mat’s waterproof foam construction, with its warm feel and fast draining design, offers the user the combination of improved comfort and safety. The Latex Free Shower Mat’s non-latex material is a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Product Specification:

One Latex Free Shower Mat

Colour: WHITE

Non slip high quality shower mat

Soft cushioned feel for comfort

Improves comfort, safety for the user

Surface design aids fast drainage

Secures firmly to bottom of the shower

Latex free offers choice to allergy sufferers

Shower mat length: 555mm (21.75″)

Shower mat width: 555mm (21.75″)

Soft-feel white shower mat with suction cups, specially designed for extra comfort
Shower mat, 555 mm x 555 mm (22″ x 22″), large square mat for shower floor
Waterproof foam material gives you the combination of safety and comfort in the bathroom, non-latex material ideal for allergy sufferers
Mat is a useful addition to help prevent potential slips and falls, great for elderly mum or dad, people with disabilities, and children
White shower mat matches and blends with any decor, comfortable to stand on during your shower

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