High Quality Adhesive Rooms Walls Vinyl DIY Stickers / Murals / Decals / Tattoos / Transfers For Kids Playrooms / Nurseries With 24pcs Different Transport Vehicles And 11pcs Stars Designs In Many Different Colours By VAGA

Fantastic And Removable Wall Stickers For Children’s Bedrooms With Many Vehicles And Stars In Different Colours

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Add colours and life to interior of your kids’ rooms with these amazing VAGA wall stickers!

These stickers can be applied directly on every flat surface, just follow these steps:

1. Clean and dry the chosen surface properly.

2. Peel the sticker carefully off the sheet.

3. Apply to the surface.

4. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.To view the full range of products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
Create a playful and cheerful atmosphere in your children’s room with these colourful wall sticker!
Pre-cut and easy to apply on every flat, clean and dry surface such as walls, mirrors, windows or furniture.
Stickers come in one sheet with the size 50*70cm, after application the image can measure 90*70cm.
These stickers make an ideal gift for freshly baked parents.

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