Haunting Photos Of Zombie-Like Londoners Remind Us To Take A Break From Our Phones

We’re a nation glued to our phones with more than half of us using our devices within 15 minutes of waking up, then barely taking a breather throughout the day. 

In his ongoing series ‘Caught in the App’, photographer Ritzo ten Cate details the disturbing impact this modern-day addiction is having on society. 

The photographer, from the Netherlands, captures unsuspecting members of public walking down the street using their phones. His aim is to encourage us all to be more self-aware of our use of technology.

“Smartphones are great and valuable, but we should be aware of addictive and unhealthy behaviour,” he tells HuffPost UK.

“I compare it to water. Water is healthy, we cannot live without. But do we live with a garden hose in our mouths? Nope. We drink water when we want to and use it to wash the dishes, take a shower or flush the toilet. And that’s how we should learn to use our smartphones too – in a healthy, valuable way.”

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