Harry Styles Transforms Into Bearded Merman In Music For A Sushi Restaurant Video

For someone who passed on a role in the upcoming live-action “Little Mermaid” movie, Harry Styles sure wants to be part of that world.

The next best thing, naturally, is starring as half-man, half-squid in the music video for Music For A Sushi Restaurant the latest single off his chart-topping third solo album, Harry’s House.

The delightfully unhinged visuals begin with a group of fishermen finding a glistening and, notably, bearded Styles washed ashore with his legs replaced with squid-like tentacles.

Before long, he’s delivered to ― you guessed it ― a sushi restaurant, where he nervously watches other seafood meet a well-seasoned end. Harry, however, is able to temporarily cheat death by becoming a singer at the establishment, where the cooks are tasked with tending to his every need.

Yes, that includes gently washing his tentacles (are they hiring?) and doing his nails.

But, ultimately, he’s unable to avoid his destiny ― he’s sliced and diced into a tempura-crusted delicacy.

Harry in the video for Music For A Sushi Restaurant
Harry in the video for Music For A Sushi Restaurant

The video is the third Harry has released from his album, following Late Night Talking and As It Was.

Harry previously spoke with NPR about the meaning behind the new single’s oddly specific title.

“I was in a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles with my producer and one of our songs came on from the last album,” he said. “I was like, ‘This is really strange music for a sushi restaurant.’ And then I was like — oh that would be a really fun album title, but then as the song started being made I kind of just said on Music For A Sushi Restaurant.”

Naturally, the Music For A Sushi Restaurant video has drawn a passionate response from Harry’s fanbase, who happily ate it up.

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