Half Of Children Are Bullied Over Their Appearance, Former Victims Explain The Lasting Impact

More than 55% of young people in Britain have been bullied about their appearance (with 40% of those experiencing this once a week) and despite a reported boom in cyberbullying, 72% of these interactions happen at school.

Most of the bullying focuses on weight or body shape, according to the research by youth charity YMCA, which found 60% of children had tried to change the way they looked after being bullied, with 24% going on a diet or reducing the amount they ate.

And this doesn’t only having a short-term impact on children’s mental health – 9% of the thousand 11- to 16-year-olds surveyed admitted self harming and 10% had suicidal thoughts – it also causes long-term problems too.

Hannah Lewis, 24, originally from Manchester now living in London, was bullied from nine years old onwards. She told HuffPost UK: “Being bullied when I was younger has definitely changed who I am as a person.”

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