Gummee Glove Baby Teething Mitten Turquoise – UK Multi-Award Winning. Free Detachable Teething Ring & Laundry Bag. Soothing Pain Relief. Teething gel applicator. – Age 3 to 6 Months Protects Baby’s Hand. Secure Adjustable Strap. Machine Washable

What is the Gummee glove, and how does it work?

The Gummee Glove is the Worlds first and original teething mitten, invented by a UK Mum and launched in 2012, for babies too young to adequately hold a teething toy on their own yet. It attaches to their hand with a secure adjustable velcro fastener. It has 2 permanent, colourful silicone side teethers for baby to chew, which is great because that means baby isn’t still chewing on their hands, which IS the case for all other teething mittens. A visually stimulating black and white crinkle patch helps to baby to learn cause and effect. Once your little one has become accustomed to the Gummee glove and motor skills improve you can add the silicone heart-shaped teething ring for added playtime fun. The Gummee glove comes complete with a travel bag for easy transportation, which also doubles as a laundry bag so you can wash your Gummee Glove with ease. The detachable silicone heart-shaped teething ring is supplied FREE with every glove and can be washed using warm soapy water or heat sterilised and is suitable for refrigeration.

Is the Gummee glove safe?

The Gummee Glove is tested to all EU, USA, Australia China and New Zealand safety testing standards, mandatory and non-mandatory, and is BPA, Latex and Phthalate free.


The inside dimensions of the glove are 7cm wide and 7cm from wrist to finger. If you are unsure if the glove will fit please use these measurements as a guide.👶🏻Is your baby always chewing on their hands? The Gummee glove teething mitten was designed by a UK Mum, who’s son was constantly chewing on his hands but did not have the dexterity to grasp a traditional teething toy. It attaches to baby’s hand like a mitten, and has teethers on it to provide easy access for chewing and sensory exploration. Every glove also comes with a free detachable Gummee heart shaped teething ring, and a handy little laundry/travel pouch.
👶🏻The Worlds FIRST ORIGINAL teething mitt designed solely for babies to wear, surpasses World wide safety standards and has won many Awards globally. Made with 100% cotton and food grade silicone teething parts. Black and white crinkle patch helps teach baby cause and effect. Can be machine washed on a low heat, using the laundry bag provided. BPA, LATEX & PHTHALATE FREE
👶🏻Does not facilitate mould growth, prevents soggy sleeves, excessive scratching, thumb sucking, gagging and sore hands. Also prevents the need to constantly replace dropped, dirty teethers!
👶🏻 Used and recommended by midwives, speech therapists and Parents all over the World, the Gummee glove has helped thousands of babies improve their hand to mouth coordination, as well as rehabilitating babies with oral sensory issues. Gummee is a trusted, UK based brand. Helps improve fine motor skills, as baby learns to guide the glove to their mouth with their other hand.
👶🏻Helps crying, fussing babies self soothe, with the convenience of Gummee glove being readily available on baby’s hand when ever they need it! The undroppable, unstoppable, SAFE teething solution, for happy teething babies the World over!

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