Gummee Baby Teething Toy Pain Relief Molar Mallet Teether With a Wobble Rattle Base. Age 12m + BPA Free. Gel Applicator. Designed for back teeth cutting.

What is a Molar Mallet?

Molar Mallet is a highly interactive teething toy and was invented by a UK Mum and Dad, who saw the need for a teether specifically designed to reach the back of the jaw, for when those painful back teeth start to erupt!

How does it work>?

Well, give it to your baby and they can show you how it works. They usually instinctively know what to do. Simply apply some teething gel to the chew head, so they can get it right where they really need it! If they drop it on the floor, it will wobble back upright, so the chewing end stays cleaner than other teethers. This wobble feature is also very entertaining for little ones. You just can’t keep a good toy down! It has a rattle in the base too, to help teach little one cause and effect. The shield helps to prevent over-insertion into the mouth.

Is Molar Mallet Safe?

Oh definitely! As with all Gummee products, Molar Mallet is sold Worldwide, and so passes all safety testing. It is recommended for use for babies aged 12 months plus (Teething stage 4+) so encourage little one to chew on the Mallet when those pesky molars erupt!. Use for teething stages 4,5 and 6.

How do you clean it?

Wash with a warm soapy wash cloth on the outside. Do not immerse in water (this may prevent the rattle from working) DO NOT MICROWAVE.Are your baby’s back teeth coming through and you want to give them something safe and fun to chew on that also gives relief from teething symptoms from those pesky erupting molars?
The Gummee molar mallet is a unique product that is designed to help babies aged 12 months and older reach areas of the jaw that other teethers cannot. It was invented by a British mum who was looking for safe and effective teething products for her own children
Use the molar mallet to apply teething gel or powders via the chewing head of the mallet so that baby can get pain relief exactly where they need it
Our unique and fun wobble feature means that the molar mallet is easier to keep hygienic than a standard teether as when baby drops it on the floor it automatically wobbles back upright. Babies also find it hilarious that this clever device will not be knocked down 
Don’t worry about baby gagging as our protective shield half way down the handle means that baby cannot insert the mallet too far into the mouth.

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