Guilty Dad? Not Me… But Regrets, I Have a Few

thriving families

So Jamie Oliver and I are chatting about parenting. By which I mean me and as many people who could squeeze into a room to hear Jamie Oliver talk about parenting in an event hosted by Huffington Post as part of the amazing #ThrivingFamilies project.

Jamie cuts to the chase with the killer question: do dads feel the same guilt as mums? There is much debate, but with mums outnumbering dads by about 4 to 1, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. When it comes to parenting, men don’t do guilt.

And frankly, listening to the arguments, I find myself siding with the mums. Whatever change has taken place over the last generation or so, they are still the parents doing the heavy lifting on a day-to-day basis, the go-to parent for food, play, school, sleep, reading and so on. Dad, it…

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