Guess Mum’s Tum Game

HILARIOUS & SUCH GOOD FUN FOR YOUR BABY SHOWER PARTY. A REAL FAVOURITE. It really does have all your guests laughing and watch as they get very competitive about precisely measuring their length of ribbon!! For this game we will provide you with:* Instructions* 1 Reel of Satin Ribbon (25metres) with game title on the reel* 1 White dress makers tape measure* 1 Printed Chart to record all the measurements* 2 Baby logo labels to attach to your game prizes complete with satin ribbon and a space for you to write your own special message or guests name.How to play the game1. Hand the reel of ribbon to each guest and ask them to cut off a piece of ribbon the length they think is needed to go around Mummy’s Tummy (as in the photograph)2. Each guest is to measure their piece of ribbon with the tape measure provided. Record this measurement on the chart provided with this game.3. Now you can find out who is the closest – Measure Mummy’s Tummy and cut the piece of ribbon. Measure this and compare the actual measurement with your guest guesses. Whoever has the closest measurement to Mum’s is the winner. Have Fun!guess the size of mum’s tum
Includes ribbon, a chart, instructions and a tape measure
A party Favourite

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